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The Experience

When it comes to finding any wedding vendor, I think the most important thing is for a couple to be able to connect with the person they choose.  If we click, it makes my job so much easier (and fun), while giving you just one less item to worry about for your wedding day.  By getting to know you and your needs, I can create a film that really captures you and your partner's personality and style.

You can expect my undivided attention.  I will listen carefully to your needs, pay attention to you and the people around you, while taking note of the smallest detail.

Why Choose me?

I believe the most important thing is to show the world how much you love each other.  When you're real and authentic, everything else just falls into place.

Remember, your wedding day is all about you!  I want to capture all the real, authentic moments without getting in the way or being a distraction.  My couples love that I can blend in and capture the day as it naturally unfolds.  When it's all said and done, it's those genuine moments that matter most.   

in you being your true authentic self

I believe...


Once we decide to go on this journey together, I will be here whenever you need to ask a specific question or if you just want some advice on a few wedding vendors I can recommend.  I will always get back to you within 24 hours when you reach out.  For all the times we connect during the planning period, we will for sure connect a month before your date to go over the final details you planned with your wedding planner and photographer so I am on the same page with you and know what you are expecting from me.

Then when your big day arrives, I'll be doing my thing and cheering you two on with everyone else! 

I'm here to cheer you two on and capture those important moments.




When we first connect, I'll want to get to know you (and your partner), and the details you got cookin' for your big day.  It's one of my favorite parts of the this journey.

I'm always up for meeting my couples over a cup of coffee, but I understand everyone has their own preferences (and may not be local).  A phone call or Zoom meeting works just as well! 

let's connect

Let's Do This! >

Let's Do This >


Once we are a team, it's smooth sailing from here.  I will be in complete communication with your planning team and you and will be available for any information you need to update me with.

A wedding venue and or intimate location will need to be confirmed to reserve your date.

unlimited access

You're booked!  You have free reign to contact me whenever you want from now until your wedding day to talk about anything wedding related, or if you just need to vent on some things going on with your planning.  Just give me 24 hours to respond to you.

Let's Do This >


Woop!  Woop!  It's going to be perfect!  Whatever you plan, whatever the details are, I will have all specific information by this day.

As far as our journey goes, on this day, you two get to just do what you set out to do today and I'll be in the background making sure this day can last forever for the both of you.

Let's Do This >

Delivery Day!  Almost (but maybe) as good as your wedding day!  You will receive your Feature Film, we'll talk about it, you know, just in case I need to remove that guest from your reception footage because it's a person you don't know but they are close friends with your parents. 

Then you will receive your full Digital Gallery with all your films such as your Feature Film, ceremony edit, first dance edit, and much more!

Your gallery will be a shareable link that you can use with friends and family and will also allow you to download each video file for your own safe keeping.

your digital gallery

Let's Do This >

It all starts with communication & listening.  Once I have an idea in the direction you want to go, you will receive options that are exclusively designed to fit your needs.  I get it, investing in your wedding is a big deal.  But I'm here to listen and willing to give you the time and resources needed to make sure you are on the best path to success of having an amazing wedding day. 

As you may know from my personal bio, I appreciate all therapists (ABA, PT, SLP, OT, and music).  That goes as well for first responders and teachers.  Please let me know when you reach out if you are someone who serves in any of these categories.

An unforgettable journey that
will exceed your expectations



Small weddings are the best!  Whether you want to party with your fam and friends or just run away and tie the knot with your other half. 

No matter where you choose to make it official (on the beach, under the spanish moss, or in downtown Charleston), I'll be there to support you two every step of the way.  Let's make your wedding day unforgettable.

Please connect to receive custom quote options


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Intimate / Elopement

Welcome to your future wedding day!  You made it!  This day will be so much fun but it's going to fly by fast.  From being around loved ones, to getting ready with your besties, to seeing your partner for the first time, there is so much to look forward to.    

I'll be along for the ride (and out of the way) and if needed, will make sure the two of you slow things down so you can appreciate and enjoy your day as you intended it to be. 


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Wedding Day Coverage

Don't you just love it when you can have all your close friends and family together for a whole weekend?  You could have a fancy welcome party at a downtown restaurant, a chill barbecue at a family member's home, or even a wedding celebration weekend on a cruise and private island in the Bahamas (that was a wild one)

When you take time to think about it afterwards, these cherished celebrations are a future fountain of non-stop happy thoughts.  So many couples have told me that there is no better feeling than getting to relive these precious moments. 


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Wedding Weekend Coverage 


If a true authentic memory AND being able to relive all those same emotions from your wedding day sounds like it's for you and your partner, I'm game, let's do this!

Are we a match made in the stars?

“ ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!  We love every second of it and Rob captured everything we could've asked for.  It truly feels like we're reliving the day every time we watch or share with family.”  - Sloan (Groom)


I am based out of Charleston, South Carolina.  In case you're wondering, I usually travel outside of my home area just a few times a year.  Charleston weddings are my favorite, but an epic celebration in the mountains, the big city, or on a private island in the Bahamas are things I've been known to document as well.

This is by far and away the most popular question I get.  The short answer is "yes".  But I have to follow copyright and licensing laws (and so do you).  To give you an idea, I select about 85% of my couples music each year.  We can for sure chat more about this when we connect.

You can decide.  One or two cinematographers.  If your needs suggest two cinematographers, I will suggest it.  If you don't feel the need for the added expense, I am confident I can film your wedding day myself.

I've been filming weddings since 2014.  Overall, with the work I've done with other companies and my own, I've been a part of over 500 weddings.  I've pretty much seen it all!

Typically, whatever fits your needs best, or we can come up with a custom film collection.  Most couples want me to film right around when the dress goes on until their exit at the end of the their celebration.

Me (Rob)!  And for some that add a second cinematographer, it will also be one of my fun and talented cast of "fly on the wall" characters.

Yes, if you have special vows or letters to be read out loud on your wedding day it will be recorded.  I have plenty of options for you to make sure you can have those intimate moments as a special keepsake.

This can vary.  My goal is for you to have something by eight weeks or less after your celebration.  My agreement will state four months in case I need to step away from work for a family emergency or illness.

The best part about this question is that this has yet to happen to me in ten years.  However, if something were to happen, I'd contact you right away (if I'm able) to assist with finding a replacement.  You will also get a 100% refund of all payments you have made.

I love getting to meet couples in person and would prefer that.  We'll of course connect over Google Meet, Zoom, or a phone call during our next steps, but I am always up for a cup of coffee to say hello and get to know each other.