hey! hey!  I'm rob, and thanks for visiting!  let's turn on the camera, have a wedding and see what happens...

my daughter's response:
oh my god, please don't.

(i have my daughter proofread the above)

Simplicity | Family

So full confession, I didn't pose correctly at first for this picture.
My daughter at the time was seven and yelled, "Okay people, take five!"
(It was only my wife and the photographer with us)
My daughter pulls me aside and says,
"You got this, let's have fun and we'll always be able to remember how awesome this day was, and we'll even look great doing it!"

I reacted in awe, sarcastically thinking, "Where have I heard this before?"

Now of course since this moment, my daughter has seen my
Instagram feed and now thinks I'm her protege.

(We nailed the picture on the first take after the pep talk,
notice her eyes making sure I am posing correctly)

Smiling | favorably

Sweet | Foreshadowing

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