...it's Dad life all day, every day, with the best kid ever.

When I am not working with you...

...to serve you so you can hold onto something that you can relive, while also seeing these same happy memories as close to its purest form.  But honestly, after filming over 500 couples, my favorite part today is learning down the road how your future children will react to your wedding film.  I've had more couples in the last six years email, text, or call me to let me know their 3/4/5 year old watched their film for the first time and they understand a little more about their parents story.  A common theme I've discovered is that it seems to get their children talking and asking about their wedding for weeks after.

Why I do what I do?

...to be real, the meaning of this name has had a bit of an evolution.  When I started this company over ten years ago, I spent a few weeks trying to come up with the perfect name.  I struggled.  Until one day I heard the song "Surrender" by Cheap Trick.  I then said "Surrender Films" to myself and liked it.  But today, I know it stands for much more.  I decided to dismiss Christ in my life after high school and it wasn't until recently I decided to reconnect.  During this reconnection process, I heard the word "surrender" all the time.  Surrendering myself to Christ is what this name means today, because it represents how I live.  Who knows, maybe God was the DJ on the radio that day over ten years ago ;)  

Why surrender Films...

... Christ first and foremost.  The faith I have in Him allows me to be the person, father, and friend I need to be.  I also love timely and tasteful comedy, which definitely happens on occasion at weddings.  I love simply being around people, not always needing to say much, while learning and listening to those I am surrounded by.

i LOVE...


5. Unveil the Unseen

4. Illuminate Emotions

3. Craft Timeless Stories

2. Embrace Adventure

1. Celebrate Authenticity

6. Collaborate and Connect

I started using a video camera (consistently) at 11 years old.  Telling stories through video is pretty much what I've been doing my whole life.  After college I became a TV sports journalist for almost 10 years.  I worked in Texas, Louisiana, and here in South Carolina.  If you're a sports fan, I have stories for you.

I started Surrender Films in 2014, and everything I've shared that you've read about how much I love this job is true.  I get to live in a beautiful city that is known as one of the top wedding destination spots in our country.  What is there not to love about Charleston?

cinematographer | editor | video production specialist

Hey! i'm (still) Rob

Fave Dessert:

frozen yogurt

Fave Reel:

spider man gymnastics

Home Town:

newark, DE


virginia tech

Fave CHS Spot:

Theater 99

When I'm not doing the video thing, I'm a full time parent to this amazing little guy.  I love talking about my son, he is such a bright star in my life.  Robbie is autistic, and watching him grow and defying odds is so rewarding to witness and makes me so proud as a parent.

To the therapists and teachers out there, thank you.  It takes a village and I will forever be indebted to what you provide for individuals like my son.

and this dapper dude with me is robbie

Hey! I'm rob

strolling in dt charleston

church group / serving

gourmet pizza

coffee shops in small towns

Sunsets (water or mountains)


...we all have unique backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences that shape who we are.  Despite our differences, we all share a common goal of seeking happiness in our lives.  Embracing life to the fullest is crucial, and sometimes, allowing others outside of our inner circle to assist us in achieving this goal can be beneficial, and may lead to even greater things.

I believe...

...love is a powerful force that brings people together and creates very meaningful moments.  It has the ability to inspire us, motivate us, and make us feel alive.  Capturing those special moments of love and keeping them as a cherished keepsake I feel is a beautiful way to honor the importance of this emotion in our lives.

I believe...


If a true authentic memory AND being able to relive all those same emotions from your wedding day sounds like it's for you and your partner, I'm game, let's do this!

Are we a match made in the stars?