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Rachel & Scott

one cinematographer

8 hours coverage

Lowndes Grove

Bridget & Henry

one cinematographer

weekend coverage

Old Wide Awake

Rachel & Matt

one cinematographer

7 hours coverage

The Island House

Riley & Walt

one cinematographer

9 hours coverage

The Cedar Room

/ 04

my parent(s) want a video, i'm indifferent 

the vows & speeches

i don't want to regret not having video

to be able to relive the day over-and-over

01. What makes you most interested in video for your wedding day?

/ 04

a balanced mixture of candids and portraits

not sure, would love to learn more

candids of us simply being us with little time as possible doing portraits  

beautiful epic & cinematic footage, with staged portait shots

02. What kind of footage are you hoping for in your film?

/ 04

being around friends & family

all of the above

my partner's face when I walk down the aisle

the elated and excited feeling

03. What do you want to remember most about your wedding day?

/ 04

as much time as possible so we can be part of cocktail hour

he isn't late...

noticing him/her cry full of emotion

seeing loved ones who've passed be able to be present

04. If you could have just one wish for your wedding day, what's it going to be for?

Well what do you know?!  I can assist and capture your dream day!

Whatever your wedding day brings, I can be there to capture it in whatever way you want/need!

Elopement/ Intimate

Day-of Cinematography

Weekend Coverage

opt 1.

opt 2.

opt 3.


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