where are you based out of?

can we pick the music?

how many weddings have you filmed?

what film collection should we get?

do you have distracting lights?

will we get our vows and ceremony?

what kind of fun videos will we get from you?

who will our cinematographer be?

how long after the wedding will I get everything?

what happens if you get sick and can't make it?

do we get a chance to meet you before the wedding?

what is the best way to take the next step?

how many cinematographers will be at our wedding?

I am based out of Charleston, South Carolina.  In case you're wondering, I usually travel a few times a year.  Charleston weddings are my favorite, but traveling to the mountains, the big city, or a ceremony on a private island in the Bahamas are things I've been known to enjoy from time to time.

This is by far and away the most popular question.  The short answer is yes.  But we have to follow copyright & licensing laws.  To give you an idea I select about 85% of my couples music.  But we can chat more about this when we connect :)

You can decide.  One or two cinematographers.  If your needs suggest two cinematographers, I will definitely recommend it.  If you don't feel the need for the added expense, I am confident I can film your wedding day by myself. 

Typically, whatever fits your needs best, or we can come up with a custom film collection.  Most couples want me to film right around when the dress goes on until their exit at the end of the night.

No.  If lighting is very dim during your toasts, I may add a light far enough away for your speakers.  The light is the size of the palm of my hand.  For the rest of the day I will film off of whatever natural light is being used for your day.

Yes, if you have special vows or letters to be read out loud on your wedding day, it will be recorded.  I have plenty of options for you to make sure you can have those intimate moments as a special keepsake.

You will receive a social media teaser days after your wedding and a feature film a few weeks after.  Your feature film will be a documentary film showing off all the authentic moments of your wedding day.  The feature will be 6 minutes or 4 minutes, depending on the amount of time you have me film your wedding day.  I also offer options that include the full length edit of your entire Ceremony, Formal Dances, and Toasts.

This can vary.  My goal is for you to have something by six weeks.  My agreement will state 3 to 4 months, in case I need to step away from work for a family emergency or illness. 

The best part about this question, is this has yet to happen to me in ten years.  However, if something were to happen, I'd contact you right away to assist with finding a replacement (if I am able).  You will also get a 100% refund of any payments you have already made.

I love getting to meet my couples in person and would prefer that.  We'll of course connect over Google Meet, zoom, or phone during our next steps, but I am always up for cup of coffee to say hello and get to know each other.

Let's schedule a phone or zoom chat.  If you are local the Charleston area, send me an email ( info@surrenderfilms.com ) and we can try to meet at a local coffee shop.

Me (Rob) fo sho!  And for some of you, it will be me and one of my fun and talented cast of "fly on the wall" characters.

I've been filming weddings since 2014.  Overall I've been a part of over 500 weddings.  I've pretty much seen it all ;)


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