For those who are curious, I started Surrender Films in 2014. Since the start of my company I have filmed over 500 weddings and feel like I've seen it all on a wedding day.  College, that was so long ago, but I'm a Hokie, class of 2003 for those that know!  And before I did this wedding thing, I was a talking head on the local TV news doing sports.  If you are military, first responder, or a teacher, please let me know when you reach out and thank you for your service!

i will actually jump in a river for you
on your wedding day...just ask why

Hey gang!  I'm Rob, and the little guy I am holding is Robbie.  He is all about exploring, waving, and giving "high fives".  As you can probably tell from some of the images on my IG page and website, I love being a father, it is the best thing ever!  Second best thing, is getting to have a job where I get to capture the best day of your life and make it into a memorable story for you.

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