What do I mean, by saying "just happen"?  People ask me all the time, how do I get my couples to say this or say that in a wedding film?  I don't.  There will be moments like a first look or maybe even you and your besties having mimosas while getting ready.  I simply want to film these moments as they happen, I won't tell you to say anything or act a certain way.  As for portrait moments, yes, I will speak up a little so I can make sure our S|F couples look fabulous on camera.  I mean, if we are going to tell a wedding story, we need to have a few moments in your film where you and your partner look amazing with a perfect sunset, right?   

i always say the best stories are the ones that just happen.

I probably would rather talk about my kids or beautiful wife (the people you see below on this page).  My wife runs a wonderful non-profit music school for kids.  You love music and want to help or donate?  Just ask.  

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...and if you clicked to find out more about me, then at this point I probably want you as one of my S|F couples because you are really doing your research!

I have been operating cameras for over 20 years and started Surrender Films in 2014.  Since the start of my company I have filmed close to 400 weddings.  When it comes to weddings, "I've seen it all," and will even dive into the Ashley River in the middle of December for you.  (true story, just ask me about it)

I am a graduate of Virginia Tech (Class of 2003) and worked as a TV sports anchor for close to ten years right out of college.  My whole professional career I've been telling stories.  Meeting all of our S|F couples who have amazing stories they want to share makes me love my job even more.  I have stories I am creating all the time at home as well, below is a sneak peek.


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